Whether you are a professional welder or a novice welder deserves to have a good protection in order to prevent damage to the eyes. Thus, it’s expected for the welder to take proper safety precautions. While spending more cash on the best welding helmet can seem to be a costly initiative initially, but in the long run it is very effective to provide safety and protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays, flying debris, and sparks of the arc light.

The auto-darkening welder helmet is very popular due to its ability to darken automatically when the welder strikes an arc. Thereby, it allows the welder with the ability to perform the task with complete freedom without having the need to negotiate with the faceplate. Thus, this helmet is not only comfortable but also can provide complete safety to the operator.

In case you are contemplating to go for an auto-darkening welding helmet then you will need to know some of the important features of it. They are:

Variable Shade: This lens starts to get darken in relation to the brightness of the arc. It is useful for the welder when it performs different type of welding tasks.

Power Source: For controlling the darkening function of the best welding helmets, it’s either solar powered or battery powered.

Lens Response: The lens responds to natural light with a shade of 3 or 4. However, when it detects the arc it gets darkened to the appropriate shade.

Sensors: The functionality of the helmet depends on the number of sensors present in the auto-darkening helmet.

Apart from the aforementioned features delay and the sensitivity control functions are crucial for the auto-darkening helmets. The delay function allows the user to set the time a lens can take to lighten once the arc is gone. While the sensitivity control provides the ability to adjust the amount of light that is needed to activate the darkening function of the lens.