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You will start loving the game Pokemon Go once you get started with it. You can create your Pokemon Go account and get started easily. If you are willing to learn the game to excel in the game, you can browse the internet to learn the tips by expert and advance players.

After you create your Pokemon Go account you will get to learn different techniques of the game. One of the most important aspects in the game is that it lets you set a goal and move out to achieve your goal in the game.

The more different place you explore while the Poke hunt the more Pokemon you will discover. If you limit your game to your local area only, you will end up catching the same type of Pokemon over and over again. Though this is helpful in evolving your Pokemon and levelling up we all aim the same result that is catching different Pokemon. So avoid wasting your lures in your local area when you are aware that it contains Rattatas and Drowzees.

Instead, utilize the lures that others have left in your area. Not like incense which diverts Pokemon to you, Lure is connected to a Pokestop and can be useful for all the Poke trainers present in your area. You will be able to find out if a lure has been dropped at a Pokestop when the purple confetti is showered by the supply store.

Keep a check for all these while you are walking in your local area and keep your  lure and incense for the time when you had taken the Poke-hunt to a new location.

Once you reach a new location and your Nearby screen flashes and tells you that you are in a network where an interesting Pokemon near you exists, this is the right time to use you incense or lure.