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The Elder Scrolls 6 is a popular game play with its launch expected to happen anytime soon and is one of the most popular game. The previous versions of the game has gained massive downloads and millions of players for the interesting adventures and mission. It is an action packed role playing game with blend of adventure and action, players hit and kill monsters. The game has different versions with each of them set in different location and has different characteristics. The game is developed by Bethesda and takes place on the continent of Tamriel. With so many mystical characters, mythical creatures, medieval plots, masons, magic etc the game is very interesting and keeps the player intrigued.

A new version of the gameplay is expected to hit the market place soon but the exact date of release is not yet confirmed. The company has not zeroed on any official announcement but a wishlist for upgrade of features have already reached the company. The new version is likely to see redesigned Skyrim features making the game more impactful. The graphics for the game is also likely to change and include sharper, better ones. It is obvious that the demand for the upgraded version has increased due to huge popularity of the previous versions.

The company is expected to add intriguing VR technology and other features to add elements of interest. One interesting features expected to be added is house or town building feature with some innovative tools. The game may offer features like purchasing and renovating or customising house in the described location. There are lot of rumours doing the rounds regarding launch date, features, improvements etc of the new variant but Bethesda is still tight lipped about it. The game will be available of PS4, PC and Xbox and players across the globe are waiting for it.