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Phil Circle at Venice Beach

Phil Circle is a progressive singer-songwriter-guitarist, award-winning author, and music coach. He specializes in helping musical artists discover the power of their unique creative voice. His school, Phil Circle Music, provides groundbreaking and inspired education to adult musicians of any age or skill set. His record label, Guilt By Association Records, provides a free platform for aspiring musical artists to build their career on their own terms.

For decades, Phil Circle has continued to explore the world of writing, performing, coaching and learning, with a special focus on music and its related studies and applications. As an award-winning music coach, he seeks new experiences for his students. As a songwriter, he explores new styles and stories. As a writer, he shares the journey for anyone who wants to follow along. Life is a stunning and endless source of creative opportunities. It is to be lived fully and creatively by the artist in all of us. And then we share. Welcome.

Book A Coaching Session With Phil

Experience personalized music coaching like never before. With my extensive background as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist, I offer coaching sessions for guitar, voice, songwriting, and more. Let me help you unleash your creativity and achieve your music goals. Book your session today!

One Hour is $75

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