every story deserves to be told

The Guilt by Association Records Story

Guilt by Association Records was founded on the principle that “every story deserves to be told.”

Frustrated by the state of the music industry and refusing to alter his style to sign a record deal, Phil Circle instead founded GBA Records in 1994 to distribute the debut album of his band Guilty, “Extenuating Circumstances.” A rebel in heart and spirit, Circle made it his mission to give artists a platform to express their music on their own terms. Circle was truly DIY/Indie before it was the norm.

Today, we at Guilt by Association Records are a community of storytellers. As can be seen in our logo, we are interested in the circular motion of life. Much like a record, stories are told and retold. With each telling, the story takes a new shape, each listener generating their own interpretation. We invite you to listen in, listen deep, and tell a story with us.

We have a commitment to create on our own terms. We, as artists and lovers of music, celebrate our individuality and creativity. We tell the stories that shape our lives through chords and lyrics. We are dedicated to our ongoing growth, the development of music, and providing more chances for everyone’s stories to be told.


We fund the telling of our stories, as most musicians do. However, Guilt by Association Records operates differently. The label provides artist development, music production, and distribution to its artists without the hassle of advances or traditional record label deals. Artists are part of a collective, cooperative effort to bring more of the stories you love into the world. Most important, GBA Records takes no money from the artists, providing all these services for free.

You can support Guilt by Association records and its artists in a few ways:

  1. Buy an album or t-shirt and share it with the world! Reach out and tell us what connected with you.

  2. Become a patron of Guilt by Association Records. You’ll be joining a long-term commitment to the continued effort of making sure every story is told and you're also supporting the school at Phil Circle Music, one of the many places from which we develop new artists.

  3. Tell someone about Guilt by Association Records. Your support means the world to us. We would love it (and you) if you tell a friend about us!



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