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Award-winning Single
"I See Hope"

In the midst of all the world's troubles, Phil Circle sat down with a guitar and let a song well forth. After fiddling around with a couple ideas on the musical side, he opened his mouth and began singing. The first words that came out were "I see hope."

The song features Ted Wulfers & Megan Corse as we spread a message of hope and love across the world. Megan then produced a video that was featured in 6 film festivals, was nominated for multiple awards and won for "Best Female Director" and "Most Inspiring Music Video." It features friends from across the globe.

The single was released June 19th, 2020, followed by the video on June 22nd.

About Us

about us

Guilt by Association Records was founded on the principle that: “every story deserves to be told.”

Today, we at Guilt by Association Records are a collection of storytellers. As can be seen in our logo, we are interested in the circular motion of life. Much like a record, stories are told and retold. With each telling, the story takes a new shape, each listener generating their own interpretation.

We fund the telling of our stories, as most musicians do. However, Guilt by Association Records operates differently. The label provides artist development, music production, and distribution to its artists without the hassle of advances or traditional record label deals. Artists are part of a collective, cooperative effort to bring more of the stories you love into the world.


We invite you to listen in, listen deep, and tell a story with us.

Your membership or purchase supports the musical storytelling of

Guilt by Association Records artists!


Our Artists
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Darin Jellison

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